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Processing the Pandemic - On-Demand

Even in normal times, millions of children — as many as 1 in 5 — struggle with mental health or learning challenges. After over a year of pandemic lockdowns, social distancing and remote schooling, many more are in distress. Participants will hear from professionals in the Behavioral Health and Mental Health field as well as students and school teams.

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Effects of Stress on the Developing Child: Potential Pandemic Impacts

While there is widespread awareness of the rapid brain development in early childhood, the changes which occur during adolescence are often overlooked. Much of the behavior of pre-adolescents and adolescents can be attributed to maturation of the brain. These maturational changes are affected by life experiences, and the current Covid pandemic has potential to have significant impact on this generation of students. Implications for mitigating this impact will be discussed.

Considerations in Evaluating Students who are English Language Learners

This presentation will discuss the prevalence, statistics, and learning concerns of students who are English Language Leaners in school settings. The presentation will focus on important factors (language, culture, acculturation), that can impact the evaluation process and assessments. The talk will also address the complex mental health and learning needs of children who are bilingual/bicultural.

Accessing Speech and Occupational Therapy from Home

Cassandra Guarneros-Rosile, M.S., CCC-SLP, bilingual speech-language pathologist and owner of Casa Speech, will share her experiences on the Impact that the pandemic has had on children receiving speech and occupational therapy services. This presentation will focus on the challenges speech and occupational therapists faced when changing the model of care from in-person to virtual in just 3 days, and how families adapted to this change. Cassandra will go over the advantages and disadvantages of virtual therapy and how this model may be the preferred model by parents of children with a variety of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Actually I can - Pre/Post Pandemic with Michael (student speaker)

Michael, a courageous High School Junior  will share his journey both pre/ post pandemic. Discussion will include the tools and strategies that are designed to meet Michael’s ever changing needs and provide a meaningful education.   It won’t take you long to discover his strong determination to do his best even in the midst of extreme challenges and his commitment to helping others find hope 

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