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Catch up on trainings you may have missed or would like to watch again. OCECD understands we all have busy schedules and providing this content On-Demand allows you the flexibility to get the information you need, when it works best for you. 

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Processing the Pandemic

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About This Webinar Series 
Even in normal times, millions of children — as many as 1 in 5 — struggle with mental health or learning challenges. After over a year of pandemic lockdowns, social distancing and remote schooling, many more are in distress. Participants will hear from professionals in the Behavioral Health and Mental Health field as well as students and school teams.

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Children Transitioning From Early Intervention to Pre-School

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 About This Webinar Series

This webinar will provide information designed to prepare families for the change that takes place as their child leaves early intervention services for preschool services, upon turning three years of age:  

  • An overview of the differences between early intervention and preschool services

  • The Transition Planning Conference and the benefits of transition planning
  • Information on timelines, the special education evaluation process, and what is required   
  • Various tips intended to help families have a smooth transition, including who can help if individualized assistance is needed


Virtual Victory Part 2: Parent Edition

Mother and Child
About This Webinar 
This session will focus on the parent's role in supporting their children who are learning in a virtual environment. Common challenges will be discussed, along with simple solutions and suggestions for making the whole process feel less stressful and more manageable for parents and students. Information in this session will be relevant for parents of students of all ages, preschool through high school.