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January 2021 DODD Pipeline

January 6, 2021

Mental Wellness with Dr. Gentile: Tips for Suicide Prevention

Approximately 1 million people die each year from suicide. Dr. Julie Gentile dispels myths about suicide and shares tips for suicide prevention. #MentalWellness #SuicidePrevention

This Month @ DODD

COVID-19 Mental Health Resources

Read More Information about Ohio's COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Using Pulse Oximeters to Assess Health

Many people with COVID-19 have low oxygen levels, even when they are feeling well. Low oxygen levels can be an early warning sign that people need medical care. Read about how and when to use pulse oximeters in the latest edition of Well-Informed.

How to Talk About Vaccines with People with DD

Use this plain language guide to talk to people with developmental disabilities about vaccines and the COVID-19 vaccination program.

HPC Rate Increases

The 2021 HPC rates are now posted on the Department website. The rates are effective for service dates of January 1, 2021 and after for HPC and Participant-Directed Homemaker/Personal Care (PD-HPC) Services. Click here for more details about the rate increase.

HPC and PD-HPC overtime rates for agency and independent providers can be accessed here.

Free Training Offered for Supporting People with DD in the Criminal Justice System

Please join us on January 12, 2021 from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. for an informative webinar about Supporting People with DD in the Criminal Justice System presented by Missy Kuhn, LISW-S, Behavioral Health/Forensic Liaison Supervisor and David Nodge, M. Ed., MUI Community Liaison from Cuyahoga County DD. 

Learning Aid Ohio

Learning Aid Ohio provides supplemental learning support for students with IEPs during this unique school year. Learn more about this program here.

Dr. Laura Will Answer DD Specific Questions about the COVID-19 Vaccine

Join Dr. Laura for Part 3 of her Well Aware Series: COVID-19 vaccine Myths vs Facts. Register here for the webinar on Wednesday, January 13, 2021, at 3 PM. 

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