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Trauma-Informed Care: Foundations to Supports
Event Date: 4/13/2018
Location: Owens Community College, Toledo Campus, 30335 Oregon Rd, Perrysburg, OH 43551
Registration Starts: Wednesday, March 14, 2018
Registration Ends: Monday, April 30, 2018

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Trauma-Informed Care: Foundations to Supports

Research shows that childhood trauma is prevalent and has a profound impact on the body’s stress response, physical health, brain development, behaviors, learning, and social-emotional well-being. The impact of childhood trauma may last into adulthood if left untreated, at great expense to society. The professional development will focus on the basics of trauma, scientific research, the pervasiveness of trauma, how traumatic experiences impact youth within diverse settings, and how individuals and organizations can effectively support youth in becoming resilient. The outcomes of TIC implementation will be discussed (i.e., benefits if everyone in the organization uses a TIC lens to interact with youth, staff, and families). A traditional paradigm will be compared to a trauma-informed care paradigm. The rationale and procedures Findlay City Schools used to implement Trauma-Informed Care district-wide will be briefly reviewed. This training will be interactive and is a blend of traditional and experiential learning.  

Participants will learn the following concepts:

  • Relevant research, and the prevalence and forms of trauma.

  • The impact of trauma on the body’s stress response, physical health, brain development, behaviors, learning, and social-emotional well-being.

  • The connection between the brain and the stress response system.

  • TIC and mindfulness applicable strategies.

  • Benefits if individuals and organizations use a TIC lens and mindfulness strategies.

  • How individuals and organizations can effectively support youth in becoming resilient.

  • A framework for creating and maintaining a TIC Culture.

  • Potential changes to policies and practices. 

  • Application of concepts using real-world stories.

 Participants will learn about innovative and proven content

Since August of 2014, Findlay City Schools (FCS) certified and classified employees have participated in an annual TIC professional development.   Including the classified staff in TIC trainings has been instrumental in improving student-adult relationships, as well as improving classified staff morale. Following the professional development, over 500 employees completed a survey to measure self-reported improvements in TIC knowledge and behaviors toward traumatized students. Data indicated significant gains in TIC knowledge, behaviors toward traumatized youth, empathy, understanding youth perspectives, creating safe environments, and providing youth with choices. 

The content is based on relevant and current research, stories, and interactive activities using multi-sensory learning modalities. Using concepts of transformational learning, participants may experience a change in their points of view, beliefs, or habits of the mind. 


Darlene Mack; Professional School Counselor

Darlene Mack is a veteran school counselor who has engineered a school counseling program on the American School Counselor framework and collaborated and built community partnerships with organizations and businesses to support student success. She is a member of the District and Building Leadership teams, a Board Member for Family Resource Center, has served on her local and vocational Board of Education and is a business owner. Mack has degrees in Psychology and a Master of Education in School Counseling and is currently a student in the interdisciplinary Leadership Studies doctoral program at Bowling Green State University. Her research is focused on Trauma Informed Care and student perception of adult care. Mack is passionate about empowering people to be their personal best and understands at a deep level the importance developing students into resilient, high functioning adult members of society. As a parent of children with dyslexia, she also was a parent advocate for her children.

Kelly Glick, Ed.D.; Assistant Principal

 Kelly Glick is a people-oriented, results-focused leader with 27 years of experience in education: six years as a high school biology, chemistry, and physics teacher, nine years as a school counselor, and eleven years as a secondary administrator. In addition to experience in rural, suburban, and urban school districts, Glick is a licensed Superintendent and Administrative Specialist in Curriculum Instruction and Professional Development. Since 1996, Glick has presented at nine state conferences and two national conferences on Trauma-Informed Care, Emotional Intelligence, Challenge Day, and diversity. Additionally, she coordinated 41 Challenge Day programs, over 11 years, serving over 4100 high school students and 820 adults. Glick successfully defended a dissertation titled Impact of a Trauma Informed Care Professional Development on School Employee Perceptions of Knowledge, Dispositions, and Behaviors toward Traumatized Students in 2017 to earn an Ed.D. Degree from Bowling Green State University’s interdisciplinary Leadership Studies program. She is currently an Assistant Principal at Donnell Middle School in Findlay, Ohio.    

Mack and Glick, co-leaders of the Findlay City Schools Trauma Informed Care (TIC) initiative, coordinated professional development for over 800 FCS employees in 2015. Moreover, they developed and conducted TIC trainings for over 400 FCS classified employees in 2015 and 2016, as well as differentiated professional developments for district secretaries, bus drivers, and classroom aides in 2017. Additionally, they conducted TIC presentations for over 2,000 professionals throughout Ohio school districts, universities, and organizations including The Ohio State University, Heidelberg College, Crime Victims Services of Allen and Putnam counties, Region 6 State Support Team, Ohio Head Start and University of Findlay. Glick and Mack also presented at the 2016 American School Counselor Association National Conference and provided a national webinar on TIC, presented a 6 hour session at the All Ohio Counselor’s Conference.   Mack and Glick are passionate about facilitating the implementation of a trauma-informed culture in school settings.   

Counselor, Social Worker and Marriage & Family Therapist - 5 CEU 
Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities - 5 CEU for EI, Superintendent, Adult Services, and Service and Support Administration
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