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NEW! DRO Factsheet on DD Waivers Waiting List
NEW! DRO Factsheet on DD Waivers Waiting List

Disability Rights Ohio has created a factsheet and flowchart to help explain the new rule for waiting lists for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who need waiver services to remain in or transition to the community.  The new rule was put in place this past year.   Since September 2018, county boards of developmental disabilities have been conducting assessments of people on waiting lists under the previous system (and for those who request assessments). These assessments determine whether someone will receive a waiver or be placed on a waiting list for a waiver, or whether they need alternative services or no services at all.  People have a right to challenge these decisions, which are not always correct

The new factsheet and flowchart can be found at our website on the  Community Integration Resources: DD Waiver Waiting List page

If you have questions about waivers, waiting lists, the Medicaid state hearing process, or your rights, please contact: Disability Rights Ohio at (800) 282-9181 and press option 2 for Intake, or at our website:

The mission of Disability Rights Ohio is to advocate for the human, civil and legal rights of people with disabilities in Ohio. 

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