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OCECD Interactive Trainings


It's My Turn

OCECD offers the interactive "It's My Turn" (IMT) and the "Goals Planning Success" (GPS) self-determination trainings available for students age 14 to graduation to help guide students in fulfilling their hopes and dreams after high school.


One student/participant stated, “I learned about the important part that I have in choosing what job I want for my future.”


A teacher who participated in the training with her students shared, “Students do things that they have never had the incentive or courage to do before.”

IMT Photo

It's My Turn & Goals Planning Success (GPS)!


Schools and families

 may access this training in-person or a version of it either virtually or through on-line modules all free of charge!

The workshops contain five parts:

The Law, Employment Requirements, Post- Secondary Options, Living Skills, Community Participation

On Location Training

Ohio Coalition staff provide these self-determination trainings at the request of school districts, agencies, or organizations that serve students and that would like to sponsor the training at a location convenient for them.

Online Training
We provide virtual versions of the trainings at the request of families, school districts, agencies, or organizations that are looking for a self-determination training in which all participants can attend through a virtual format, facilitated by one of our Ohio Coalition trainers.

It's My Turn - Online Learning Course
Students are welcome to participate in a virtual version of the It’s My Turn transition training at their convenience. Many students may want to access this program independently with the built-in accommodations, and others may want to also include their own personal support. To access the It's My Turn modules, Register Today! Our GPS modules will be available on our website at a later date, so please check back for this option as well!

To learn more about these highly interactive trainings

It's My Turn Brochure

Goals Planning Success

If you have questions or would like to schedule a training in your area

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Call: 1-844-382-5452.

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