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Real Talk with OCECD


Real Talk with OCECD May 26th, 2023

Real Talk

In this episode of Real Talk, KJK Student Defense Attorneys Susan Stone and Kristina Supler are joined by Marbella Cáceres, Tammie Sebastian, and Lisa Lutz from the Ohio Coalition for the Education Of Children with Disabilities. Topics that they discuss are the rights of parents with children with disabilities have. The conversation includes how the coalition empowers parents when getting their children assistance, how parents can get their children with disabilities services, and how to find out if your child has hidden gifts under their disabilities.

Photo of Marbella

Marbella Cáceres

Assistant Director & Statewide Multicultural Director

Marbella has been with OCECD since 2006. She is currently the Statewide Multicultural Director and the Assistant Director. She is working with Dr. Lisa Hickman, the new Executive Director as of August 19, 2019 to manage staff, projects and all OCECD operations. Previously she worked with Lee Ann Derugen, as they were both Interim Co-Executive Directors since December 1, 2018. Marbella continues to coordinate multicultural trainings and groups for empowerment and education for multicultural families, supervising and training the multicultural information specialists/trainers across the state. She translates materials for families from English to Spanish and is involved in the development of trainings that address the cultural needs in the state of Ohio. She also serves multicultural families across the state regarding information and provides individual assistance concerning their rights. She started a statewide support group which the parents have titled P.L.A.N.E.O. (Latino Parents Associated for Special Children in Ohio). Marbella currently serves on the State Advisory Panel for Exceptional Children and as a volunteer for National Alliance on Mental Illness in Franklin County. Marbella is the mother of a child with special needs, as well as a gifted child.

Photo of Tammie

Tammie Sebastian

Statewide Program Coordinator/Social Media Coordinator

Tammie began her career with OCECD in September 2011. She is very active as the Coalition’s Statewide Program Coordinator, providing guidance, information, and trainings to our staff. She actively networks and collaborates with different agencies across the state and nationally to provide the highest level of supports to the families we serve. She coordinates and conducts professional development on current topics and updates and develops new trainings and materials. She also serves as OCECD’s Social Media Coordinator, meeting with staff to train them in this area as a means of broadening our outreach to parents. She researches and learns different types of social media, maintains OCECD’s Facebook page and collaborates with our IT/Webmaster to connect the different types of social media with our webpage. She has been studying Spanish and is continuing to attend classes to improve her communication skills. Tammie previously provided information, training, and support to the families of children with disabilities in Cuyahoga County. Tammie has two daughters, one with AD/HD and the other with Autism, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Photo of Lisa

Lisa Lutz

Information Specialist/Trainer

Lisa started with OCECD in July 2017. She assists families in her northeast area of the state by providing information, training and support. Lisa was a Parent Mentor for the Kirtland School District 7 years, where she also assisted families. She has a Masters Degree in Health Promotion/Wellness and her Wilson Reading Certification. Three of Lisa's 4 children have type 1 Diabetes and 1 has Dyslexia and AD/HD.