OSU - Best Practices in Shared Reading to Get the Most from Story Times
Starting 6/4/2020 at 1:30 PM
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• Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities - OCECD Events

We've teamed up with the OSU Alumni Association to offer three live webinars for families who are home with their young children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear from our experts at the A. Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning and the Schoenbaum Family Center on topics relevant to families during these unprecedented times.

These webinars are free and open to all, but registration is required (link at bottom).


Lisa Welsh, M.Ed.

Samantha Peterson, M.S.

Everyday Activities for Young Children While at Home, Babies to Age Six

TUESDAY, MAY 5 • 1:30pm

Every day, there are great learning opportunities for children within their daily routines, whether during bath time, bedtime, meals, brushing teeth or cleaning up. Join presenters Lisa Welsh and Samantha Peterson as they explore how to embed learning into the daily lives of children, especially during COVID-19.

Presented by Lisa Welsh, M.Ed., who is the Early Head Start lead education specialist and certified developmental specialist at the Schoenbaum Family Center, and Samantha Peterson, M.S., who is the assistant principal of the A. Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning.

Samantha Peterson, M.S.

Anneliese Johnson, M.S.

Mediating Sibling Rivalry and Supporting Conflict Resolution with Young Children

THURSDAY, MAY 21 • 1:30pm

School closures, social distancing, and stress may lead to even more conflicts between siblings – leaving parents to cope and to mediate. Samantha Peterson and Anneliese Johnson will lead you through the reasons that conflicts occur, when to support children through them, and how to set siblings up to have less conflict and more resolution! These techniques can be adapted for children of all ages.

Presented by Samantha Peterson, M.S., assistant principal, and Anneliese Johnson, M.S., principal, both of the A. Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning.

Kari Welch

Samantha Peterson, M.S.

Best Practices in Shared Reading to Get the Most from Story Times with Young Children

THURSDAY, JUNE 4 • 1:30pm

For those concerned about learning loss due to distance learning and early school closures this year, join Kari Welch and Samantha Peterson to learn more about how reading with your young child is one of the best ways to continue enriched learning at home. They will share simple strategies to get the most from reading to enhance your child’s vocabulary, phonological awareness, number sense, and narrative building skills.

Presented by Kari Welch, library technician, and Samantha Peterson, M.S., assistant principal, both of the A. Sophie Rogers School for Early Learning.


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