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Ohio Coalition for the Education
of Children with Disabilities

Giving a voice
to parents and children
dealing with life's challenges

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Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities works with parents to help them obtain the assistance they need. If you need one-to-one assistance, call (800) 374-2806 ext. 20 or email


  • OCECD's 12th Annual Partnering for Progress Conference - November 6, 2014

    “You Can’t Fight the Frontal Lobe!... What ALL Adult Brains Should Know About All Children Brains”

    Jo Mascorro, M. Ed.

    Click Here For Handouts:


    Jo_Mascorro_Handouts_11-6-14 2.pdf

    Jo_Mascorro_Handouts_11-6-14 3.pdf

    Jo_Mascorro_Handouts_11-6-14 4.pdf

    Jo_Mascorro_Handouts_11-6-14 5.pdf

    Jo_Mascorro_Handouts_11-6-14 6.pdf

    For More Conference Info Click Here Partnering 2014 Flyer Final 11-6-14.pdf

  • Special Education in Stark County:

    Parents and district officials find themselves at odds. Some parents of students with disabilities feel they're pitted against district officials when trying to get the school to acknowledge their children's special needs or when trying to negotiate their children's individualized education plans for the year.

    Read This Article About Jared by Alison Matas in the on Nov. 3, 2014

  • OCECD's Redesign Project Reports

    Redesign_Literature_Review_July_2013.pdf Redesign_Ohio_Special_Education_Oct_2013.pdf

  • OCECD Resources Now Available to Download Here

    Fact Sheet 2-2014

    Outreach Brochure 7-2014

    Fill in Publication Order Form 9-2014

    Training Descriptions 3-2014

    Training Descriptions Spanish 3-2014

    Building Communication Thru Letter Writing 11-2012

    Building Communication Thru Letter Writing Spanish 10-2011

    Parents' Rights in the Special Education Process 8-2014

    Understanding Special Education Process Spanish

    Call 800-374-2806 if you have any questions or need additional resources on other topics or in a different language.

  • Website Feedback

    Click through our site and let us know if you like it and if you have suggestions. Please contact Lee Ann Derugen, Webmaster at If you are a parent needing assistance, call Martha Lause at 800-374-2806 ext. 20 or email her at

  • Disability Definitions

    OCECD's list of definitions of services under IDEA 2004 and Section 504.