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Special Education and English Language Learners Conference on May 18th in Columbus, Ohio with Steven Gill, Kent School District, Washington State
 FREE Conference Sponsored by State Support Team 11 and Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities 
Educational Service Center of Central Ohio, 2080 Citygate Dr. Columbus, OH  43219
Registration 8:30   Conference 9:00 - 3:30

Steven Gill has worked as a school psychologist since 1993 and is experienced in the areas of emotional/behavioral disabilities, autism, and gifted children. He has also worked extensively with students who are English Language Learners (ELL’s). His work and research have been published, and he has presented his research at various conferences. Through extensive graduate work, he created the ELL Critical Data Process. Steven has trained over 4,000 educators on the process across more than 50 school districts. He is currently with the Kent School District in Washington State. Click on "Read More" for information on conference objectives, CEUs, times, registration link and a flyer to download.
Serving Students with Disabilities in Community Corrections Facilities and Juvenile Detention Centers
Important Update from Ohio Dept of Education, Office for Exceptional Children - February 4, 2016

Both federal and state laws require that every student with a disability receive a free and appropriate public education (FAPE). This includes students who are in a community corrections facility or juvenile detention center. The school district of residence remains responsible for the student’s access to appropriate special education and related services while the student is in a community corrections facility or juvenile detention center.
A Letter to Those Who Work with Someone with Special Needs by Mariah, Brock's Sister
We know your frustration, as it is a daily reality for us. We know it is hard, but “nothing good ever comes out of something easy”. We know he does not listen, as it is our daily struggle. We know teaching him is not simple, but everyone deserves an education. We know he is hard to get to know, but everyone deserves the opportunity. We know there is daily struggles, but don’t we all have them. We all want to climb mountains, but shouldn’t we all be given the chance. We all get mad, but we are taught to forgive. We all have bad days, but everyday should be a start over. We all have the opportunity to make it a good day, so let’s try to do so. I understand, personally, how hard it is to teach a child who is different than a typical child. I understand how hard it is to overlook the silly things he may do. I understand the struggles of having him get simple tasks done. I understand he does not understand things like we do.    
Ohio's Part C of IDEA Early Intervention System Lead Agency Change
To: Early Intervention Stakeholders
From: John Martin, Director, Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities
           Rick Hodges, Director, Ohio Department of Health
Date: January 15, 2016
Subject : Ohio's Part C of IDEA Early Intervention System

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and The Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities (DODD) have worked for years as partners in implementing Ohio's early intervention system. Approximately two and a half years ago, the two agencies with guidance from the Office of Health Transformation, established a collaborative partnership for the implementation of Ohio's Part C program. Each agency was given defined roles for oversight and supervision of different parts of the program. While the more formalized structure has yielded good results, the bifurcated nature of the supervision may have caused confusion for some early intervention professionals. Therefore, in the interest of providing the best services to the citizens of the state of Ohio, ODH and DODD are jointly pursuing legislation to change lead agency status from ODH to DODD.
Download One Page Tip Sheets on IEP, ESY, Evaluation, Transition, Communication and More
 Click on "Read More" to be able to Read and Download One Page Informational Sheets on Individual Education Program, Extended School Year, Progress Reports, Evaluation/Evaluation Team Report, Independent Educational Evaluation, Informed Parental Consent, Postsecondary Transition, Related Services, and Communication. 
OCECD Publications to Download Free
OCECD's informational publications are free.  Click on "Read More" to download them in English or Spanish.  The publication list, fact sheet and training descriptions can also be downloaded.  If you need information on other topics call OCECD's Executive Office at 844-382-5452. 
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