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Univ of Toledo Looking for Parents of Young Children Who Have Had Successful or Unsuccessful Child Care Experiences
Project Open House, is a project that we’re working on with the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council. We are interested in speaking with parents of children with disabilities that have had experiences (either successfully or unsuccessfully) finding childcare for their children. Our goal is to hear from as many parents as possible about their experiences and use this information to improve families’ access to high quality inclusive childcare in Ohio. We have money to provide a $25 stipend for up to 45 parents who can take an hour out of their evening to speak with us on a conference call. We have scheduled two conference calls (and will provide more info about the project and the call-in information to parents who email me at [email protected]). One conference call will take place on Monday evening, June 5th from 7-8 p.m. (EDT). The second will take place on Thursday evening, June 8th from 7-8 p.m. (EDT).  

Laurie A. Dinnebeil, Ph.D.
Chair, Dept of Early Childhood Educ, Higher Educ, and Special Education
Distinguished University Professor and Daso Herb Chair, Inclusive ECE
Editor, Journal of Early Intervention, University of Toledo, GH 4500E
2801 West Bancroft Street, MS 954, Toledo, OH 43606
Phone: 419.530.4118   Email: [email protected]  Fax: 419.530.7261
Summer Planning for Children with Special Needs
Visit the Federation for Children with Special Needs, where you'll find links to over 200 camp websites serving children with disabilities, as well as a useful guide called Summer Planning for Children with Special Needs.  Parents might also appreciate the following materials on summer camps.
Checklist: Questions to Ask When Evaluating Summer Camps (There's a Spanish version, too: Lista de Verificación: Preguntas para Evaluar Campamentos de Verano)
 • Discover Camp: Considerations for Sending Your Child with a Disability to Camp for the First Time | From the National Center on Health, Physical Activity and Disability
Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program Earns Student a Free Book!
The Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Program marks its twenty-first year celebrating the power of books to expand children’s horizons. Once again, we’re partnering with parents and educators to inspire readers in first through sixth grades to have a summer filled with reading adventures — and earn a FREE book!  Our program encourages students to let books transport them to the most exciting destination of all: the imagination. The Summer Reading Program is designed to reinforce learning, nurture skills and motivate students to extend their reading through the summer vacation. Students can pick the books they want to read and proceed at their own pace.    
Download One Page Tip Sheets on IEP, ESY, Evaluation, Transition, Communication and More
 Click on "Read More" to be able to Read and Download One Page Informational Sheets on Individual Education Program, Extended School Year, Progress Reports, Evaluation/Evaluation Team Report, Independent Educational Evaluation, School Work, Informed Parental Consent, Postsecondary Transition, Related Services, and Communication. 
OCECD Publications to Download Free
OCECD's informational publications are free.  Click on "Read More" to download them in English or Spanish.  The publication list, fact sheet and training descriptions can also be downloaded.  If you need information on other topics call OCECD's Executive Office at 844-382-5452. 
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