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Accessible Educational Materials Mandated in IDEA
For some students, printed instructional materials can be a barrier to participation and achievement in the general education curriculum. Accessible educational materials (AEM) remove that barrier. Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, state and local education agencies must ensure that children with disabilities who need AEM in the four specialized formats (audio, braille, digital text, and large print) receive those materials in a timely manner, which is defined in Ohio as the delivery of the accessible materials to a student at the same time as their peers receive their materials.

The Assistive Technology and Accessible Educational Materials Center (AT & AEM Center) works with school districts to locate AEM for students with print disabilities through their onsite collection, the annual Federal Quota Registration of Blind Students, and other sources. The AT & AEM Center assists Ohio school district personnel in accessing National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard (NIMAS) electronic files, adapting the NIMAS files into the four specialized formats, assigning the NIMAS files to accessible media producers, and/or producing the accessible materials for eligible students. To request AEM for students who can benefit from specialized formats, complete and return a Materials Request form. Now is the time to send in requests for AEM for the 2017-2018 school year to the AT & AEM Center.

Please share this information with the appropriate personnel in your district. Questions regarding submitting an AEM request can be directed to Kelly Houston at 614-410-1039 or [email protected] ; Judy Siens at 614-410-1041 or [email protected]
A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education from Office for Exceptional Children effective August 1, 2017
The Guide dated April 2017 below replaces the Whose IDEA Is It? booklet which has been published and revised for several years by the Ohio Dept of Education, Office for Exceptional Children.  School districts can use the current Whose IDEA Is It along with required memorandum dated January 21, 2014 through July 31, 2017.  Beginning August 1, 2017 this document must be used.  OEC is working to translate this document into several languages.  A Guide to Parent Rights Additional information, including the memorandum, can be found at the Ohio Dept of Education website 
It's My Turn Student Transition Training Video by Lima Fox News and IMT Game to Order
Click to see a video about OCECD's It's My Turn Student Transition Training from Lima Fox News reporter.  You will also hear from a student who went through the training and Sandy Brickner, OCECD IMT Trainer.  Also pictures from an IMT training are above in the revolving screen.  If you'd like to order the It's My Turn (monopoly type) game to use with your transition age students for $27.95, click here for the order form.  /uploads/0070A15E-AF6D-4D46-909C-064C531689BF/IMT Board Game Order Form 20163.pdf   Also in the revolving screen above, students are playing the It's My Turn Game!! 
Download One Page Tip Sheets on IEP, ESY, Evaluation, Transition, Communication and More
 Click on "Read More" to be able to Read and Download One Page Informational Sheets on Individual Education Program, Extended School Year, Progress Reports, Evaluation/Evaluation Team Report, Independent Educational Evaluation, School Work, Informed Parental Consent, Postsecondary Transition, Related Services, and Communication. 
OCECD Publications to Download Free
OCECD's informational publications are free.  Click on "Read More" to download them in English or Spanish.  The publication list, fact sheet and training descriptions can also be downloaded.  If you need information on other topics call OCECD's Executive Office at 844-382-5452. 
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