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Welcome to the Public Policy section of our website. Here, you will find a wealth of information regarding public policy and policy letters. We have curated a collection of downloadable and printable documents that serve as valuable resources. These Informational Public Policy Documents and Policy Letters are designed to provide you with comprehensive insights and guidance on important matters. We encourage you to explore and utilize these resources to stay informed and make a positive impact. Simply click on the links below to access and download the documents that interest you. 

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OCECD Newsletter

OCECD Newsletter

Mental Health in Ohio Schools. Many children, parents, and educators in Ohio schools are facing mental health issues. Their emotional health can range from thriving to struggling.
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OCECD Newsletter

OCECD Quarterly Newsletter

We all face transitions at different places/stages in our lives. This newsletter is intended to provide resources that will empower you as a parent/family member of a child/youth with a disability to feel confident in preparing for your child's different transition stages. 
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Ideas that work, Office of special education programs, U.S. department of education.