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Marion County Board of Developmental Disabilities - Seeking a Behavioral Support Person for Respite

Hello educational collaborators!


I am seeking your help spreading the word to your networks in regards to part-time employment opportunities for someone with experience in behavioral supports.


MCBDD wrote a grant to partner with the Boys & Girls Club to provide respite to some of the families MCBDD serves that have school-age children with behavioral challenges.


Here is the language of the grant request summary:

MCBDD plans to partner with the Boys and Girls Club to provide supports for a demographic that sometimes falls into "systematic cracks." Our school-age population receives most of their supports through the schools from ages 3-18 (in some cases, schools could be in the lead through age 22). The school receives the funding for these services, but the support often is only from 7:30 am-3:30 pm. This leaves parents feeling overwhelmed and unsupported in the evenings and summer. MCBDD provides supports for close to 200 school-age children, and we hear a need for respite care. It is hard to find respite providers that are reliable and trustworthy, and it can get expensive. This grant would provide a respite opportunity that is a win for all! It would fund respite for up to 10 children served by MCBDD, focusing on those with behavioral challenges. The grant would pay for the hourly wage for the behavioral specialist to assist those served by MCBDD throughout their time at the Boys & Girls Club of Marion County (BGCMC). The parents would have free time to do things we often take for granted, like grocery shopping, cooking dinner, cleaning the house, and more.


Here are the details of funding and what is expected of this employee:

- This grant is designed to accept no more than 10 students in the first year

- Students will be school age

- The grant will allow for one professional hired through grant funds (paid by MCBDD) to support challenges and corrections that may be needed from the DD student

        - This professional will earn 18 dollars per hour

        - School Year Support Details

                - 3 hours (4 pm – 7 pm)

                - 3 days a week (M, W, F)

                - 162 dollars per week for school year hours (4 pm – 7 pm)

                           - 42 weeks

                           - $6,804 total school year hours

                - Summer Hours two days a week (this part of the grant has not been approved, but if the school year program is a success, this portion will be funded)

                           - 8 hours (8 am to 4 pm)

                           - 2 days per week

                           - 288 per week for summer hours (8 am – 4 pm)

                                  - 10 weeks

                                  - $2,880 total summer hours

        - $1,000 dollars for all-staff training, supplies, mileage, or additional factors we have not considered


Can you please help us spread the word and have any interested parties contact me for more details?


We would like to get this program started ASAP.


Thanks so much!




Nicole Workman

Director of Communications

Marion County Board of Developmental Disabilities [email protected]

(o) 740-375-6112

(c) 419-566-8387

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