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Michael's Journey Video Series

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Students
Have you noticed an increase of families that you work with that have anxiety and mental health concerns? We are going to hear from a few crucial members of one team. Together they will share the ebb and flow of their journey designed to meet Michael's ever changing needs and to provide a meaningful education

Michael's Story
Be amazed as you listen to one strong and courageous student share about his unique needs and what supports are helpful to accommodate those needs. It won't take you long to discover how well he knows himself, his strong determination to do his best even in the midst of extreme challenges and his commitment to helping others.

Janet, Michael's Mom & Penny, the Caped Crusader
Perseverance and determination are a couple of ways to describe Janet. There are no stumbling blocks too high for her. She will just find ways to move around them, over them and sometimes right through them and keep on going. One of Janet's many quotes that she lives by and describe her well is, "Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up and Never Give Up" 
Be inspired by Janet!

Jo, Michael's Tutor
Hear how and what individual services and supports are used to help Michael access the curriculum in his least restrictive environment and make adequate progress in the general education curriculum.

Michael's Mental Health Team
Listen to how Michael's mental health team is supporting him to develop resiliency so that he can reach the goals that he has set for his future.

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