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Building Your Child's Self Management Skills through Better Executive Function:

Building Your Child's Self Management Skills through Better Executive Function:

How many of us know people who have trouble paying attention, constantly lose things, are always running late, procrastinate or have difficulty finishing what they start? Maybe some of us can identify with those characteristics ourselves! These are just a few examples of what are called "executive functions" that begin developing from birth and are critical in all areas of life, through adulthood. In this session you will learn positive ways to help your child develop the critical skills of time management, organization, planning and prioritizing tasks, and managing tough emotions like boredom, frustration and impatience.

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About the Presenter

Lisa Combs, M.A. Special Education, CAS

has played many roles in the education field over 30 years: intervention specialist, administrator, author, consultant, job embedded instructional/behavioral coach, national presenter, adjunct university instructor, and certified autism specialist. She has authored two books on autism intervention through AAPC publishing company. She is also the author of the popular "Best Friend Books" social-emotional children's books series, and conducts social emotional workshops for students, school staff and community groups. She has her Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts degrees in Special Education and graduate level training in supervision and applied behavioral analysis. 

As a founding member of the Miami Valley Autism Coaching Team, she coached thousands of educators supporting students with autism and other complex disabilities. She also has extensive experience coaching educational teams in positive behavioral intervention and support, co-teaching, differentiation of instruction, and universal design for learning. She enjoys training special education paraprofessionals as well, with the sincere belief that they are critical members of the educational team. She is a passionate advocate of public education and she takes pride in developing trusting relationships with educators to help them identify their strengths and challenges, enhance their professional growth, and inspire them to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and their students!

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