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Children Transitioning From Early Intervention to Pre-School

Children Transitioning from Early Intervention to Pre-School

How to watch this On-Demand Recording

This webinar was recorded live, an Evaluation and Handout link will be available at the end of the presentation. Please complete the registration form at the bottom of this page. After registering you will receive your password for viewing the On-Demand training series videos and an email with handouts to download.

About This Webinar Series

This webinar will provide information designed to prepare families for the change that takes place as their child leaves early intervention services for preschool services, upon turning three years of age:  

  • An overview of the differences between early intervention and preschool services
  • The Transition Planning Conference and the benefits of transition planning
  • Information on timelines, the special education evaluation process, and what is required   
  • Various tips intended to help families have a smooth transition, including who can help if individualized assistance is needed


This webinar will also help families understand the eligibility determination process for preschool special education services, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) for a preschooler, and the information considered when determining a child’s placement in the least restrictive environment:

  • Information on what is required to determine a child’s eligibility for preschool special education services
  • An explanation of the various components of a preschool Individualized Education Program (IEP), who makes the decisions about services, when services must start, and who is responsible for carrying them out
  • Least Restrictive Environment- What it is, what the law requires, and the process used to determine a child’s placement in the least restrictive environment


About the Training Modules

Module 1 – The Basics 

Module 2 – Transition Planning Process 

Module 3 – Evaluation and Eligibility

Module 4 – Individualized Education Program 

Module 5 – LRE and Placement 

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