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Transition - School to Community

PACER 2019  NEW Inclusive Postsecondary opportunities for students with intellectual disabilities. 
COLLEGE website links for resources
COLLEGE  College resources for students with disabilities, the ultimate guide
COLLEGE  List of helpful resources for students with disabiities.  Provides links to disability specific resources and Section 504.
COLLEGE [ONLINE]  Best online degrees and  programs NOTE:  OCECD does not endorse any of the programs or colleges listed on this website.
COLLEGE [ONLINE] Online Education Portal that includes outlining course requirements, descriptions, schedules, and a very comprehensive outline of numerous program and curriculum tracks - and what kinds of differences and similarities they have with one another.
COLLEGE [ONLINE[  An extensive 2017 resource page for college students with disabilities. It covers everything that students with disabilities need to know before attending college, both in-person and online.
COLLEGE [ONLINE] COMPUTER RESOURCE  This resource has created a student laptop buying guide, along with a list of online schools that offer free laptops. 

 COLLEGE [ONLINE] OHIO  Ohio Online Colleges - Search online for accredited schools and scholarships.

 COLLEGE [ONLINE] OHIO  More than 160 colleges and universities throughout Ohio offer some form of online education and many of them feature bachelor’s and graduate degrees that can be completed entirely online. Ohio is also one of first states to adopt the Quality Matters process, a method of assessing and certifying online and hybrid programs. Currently, Ohio has the largest pool of faculty who are trained in accordance with the QM rubric, perhaps one of the reasons why 30% of postsecondary students in the state are receiving some amount of education in digital form.

COLLEGE [ONLINE] OHIO  best online colleges in Ohio 2015-2016    

With this comprehensive guidebook, students can learn how distance learning opportunities can help achieve educational and career goals.   
COLLEGE [ONLINE] FINANCIAL AID Lists financial aid for online colleges and application process.
COLLEGE [ONLINE] FINANCIAL AID Financial Aid Information for Online College Students
COLLEGE [ONLINE]  OnlineU aims to help students obtain college degrees without taking on the burden of massive debt. We provide unbiased rankings based on the factors you care about most - affordability, accessibility, and quality - to help you find the best possible match.
COLLEGE [ONLINE]  When it comes to finding the perfect degree for your life, goals, and circumstances, Context makes all the difference in the world. Anyone can provide a list of programs. We lean on industry-best analytics and an unmatched network of relationships to link you with the right program. 
COLLEGE [ONLINE] MARYVILLE UNIVERSITY includes article about Postpartum Depression and link to the brochure to university degree opportunities..



COLLEGE [ONLINE] MASTERS DEGREES   Distance learning for students with disabilities.
COLLEGE [ONLINE] EDUCATION DEGREES We recently updated our guidebooks for special education programs to better help new and returning students understand the changing academic landscape and curricula for these programs. These resources can be found here:   -   -  
COLLEGE [ONLINE] ACCOUNTING DEGREES  Assists those interested in a career in accounting.  Includes information about jobs in the field, degree requirements, and a list of scholarshipss
COLLEGE [ONLINE] BUSINESS, LIBERAL ARTS, EDUCATION, ENGLISH, NURSING DEGREES This guide includes flexibility, support services, affordability and cost-effectiveness of 10 degree programs in 2018.
COLLEGE [ONLINE] BUSINESS DEGREES  2017 List of Best Value Business Degrees  
COLLEGE  [ONLINE] GRADUATE DEGREES Graduate school success for students with disabilities--scholarships, support resources, and expert insight for achieving an advanced degree        
COLLEGE [ONLINE] Affordable Colleges Online .  College Resources for Students with Disabilities includes a  guidebook      
COLLEGE [ONLINE]  Guide to Finding Accredited Online Degrees:    an overview of the different levels of online education, covering the curriculum, graduation requirements, and kinds of students best served by each type of degree.
COLLEGE [ONLINE] Higher Education for Students
with Disabilities
Rights, Resources and Accredited Online Schools
COLLEGE [ONLINE]  College Without Debt
Tapping Financial Resources Outside of Student Loans for Your College Degree  
COLLEGE [ONLINE]  Resoruce guide for parents of students with disabilities--understanding aDa, Section 504, IDEA and IEP
COLLEGE [ONLINE] Volcom Education  Online Universities - Review colleges nationwide including available scholarships    
COLLEGE SECTION 504 List of useful resources for students with disabilities.  Prpvides links to disability specific resources and Seciton 504.
COLLEGE STUDENTS  Disability resources for college students--campus and community support, expert advice & rights for students with disabilities

COLLEGE  STUDENTS  This guide covers topics, such as, transitioning into college, rights of students with disabilities, disability documentation, scholarship and other helpful resources for students with disabilities.

 A new research-based program designed to give students like you support throughout college.
COLLEGE Students with Disabilities--2017 resource guide for students looking to enroll with a university, uncover financial aid and scholarship information, or looking for information about campus student life. 
COLLEGE  http://www.aheadd.org  AHEADD organization is a comprehensive college support system, helping students with disabilities excel both academically and socially.
COLLEGE   Going to College is a comprehensive website that serves as a guide for teens with disabilities transitioning into college life. 
COLLEGE  Disability Friendly Colleges: Provides useful links and college information including interactive charts of more than 75 disability friendly colleges and their services.
COLLEGE  The College Experience Program (CEP), is an innovative educational experience designed to offer young adults with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to pursue a unique curriculum, in a residential college setting.
COLLEGE LeBron James to pay for qualified Akron kids to attend University of Akron.
We are pleased to offer this 2015 College/University Resource Directory for students who are planning to attend college and who are currently being served on an IEP or 504 plan.Website information, program availability, and eligibility requirements are listed as well as any fees required.
  focuses on pre & post graduation college-to-career strategies and includes a look into:
  • In-college career preparation strategies for post-graduate success
  • Common job-hunting challenges and actionable solutions
  • Proactive resources for a successful jump from college-to-career

COLLEGE Parent Guide for College Bound Students

COLLEGE PERSONNEL etiquette guidelines for interacting with students with disabilities 

 Student's Guide to Accounting   Provides guides to all certificate levels and major caree paths
COLLEGE BUSINESS DEGREES  Rider University  Business programs and resources for entrepreneurs or graduates with a disability. NOTE: OCECD does not endorse any services or products advertised on this website. 
COLLEGE BUSINESS DEGREES free research guide to provide a single source of information for those interested in pursuing a degree or job in business, where students and career seekers can learn about business degrees, careers & jobs, certifications and school options. Note: OCECD does not endorse any paid products or services advertised by
 Computer Science Master Degrees offers extensive and up to date information about the careers and salaries available for those with cybersecurity, computer science, and computer engineering degrees. This resource center provides in-depth articles such as "Top Certifications for Developers" and "Cyber Security Resources: Blogs, Podcasts, and Education" so readers can learn more about computer science topics and prepare to join the workforce.     
guide to help students learn about careeer opportunities in behavioral and mental health sciences industry
Find your cybersecurity dreee or certification--A Resource, for cybersecurity-related educational opportunities.
COLLEGE CYBERSECURITY DEGREE  How to build a successful career in cybersecurity
COLLEGE CYBER DEGREE HUB provides students with useful, unbiased information on different security degree programs, schools, and employment opportunities.
COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID FOR HEARING IMPAIRED  Scholarships and financial aid for students with hearing loss.  NOTE: OCECD does not endorse any services or programs listed on this webiste.
COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID    Scholarships for students with disabilities. NOTE: OCECD does not endorse any of the programs or services listed on this website.
COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID  DISCLAIMER:  the OHio Coalition does not endorse or recommend any products advertised in this publications.e
Like other scholarship providers, there are general disability scholarships that only require the applicant to have a disability and those that may be offered to applicants with a specific disability. The scholarships listed below come from numerous sources, but their main intent is to help disabled students meet their higher education needs and career goals while lessening the financial burden.

With the cost of college continuing to rise, many prospective students rely on financial aid to pick up tuition, and the federal government is considered the first place to look for this help.However, in some cases, students aren't able to rely on this and need to look for alternatives. This guide is meant to educate on those alternatives which may include scholarships, grants, state/local aid, and more.

COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID  Financial aid for college students with disabilities--how to find and apply for scholarhips, loan forgiveness and other tuition assistance.
COLLEGE  FINANCIAL AID   Guide to securing your chollege stduent's credit future
COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID  There are also special financial aid and scholarship opportunities for students with disabilities. The purpose of this guide is to focus on these financial aid opportunities and discuss how to take advantage of them.
Search for college scholarships by academic major, athletics, art, ethnicity, first in family, GPA, minority, music, state, name or type.
COLLEGE FINANCIAL AID  Includes both general and disability-specific scholarhsips and tips on applying plus additional sources of financial aid
COLLEGE FIRE SCIENCE DEGREES  comprehensive set of courses that focus on the various facets of fire safety engineering  
COLLEGE INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WITH DISABILITIES    Resources for student with disabilites--new to U.S. Higher education
COLLEGE MEDICAL ASSISTANT DEGREES   Information on medical assisting programs and careers for    people with disabilities.    
guide to help students learn about careeer opportunities in behavioral and mental health sciences industry
COLLEGE SPEECH/LANGUAGE DISORDERS Speech disorder resources for college students  --disability services, scholarships, degrees, etc.  NOTE: OCECD does not endorse any products or services listed on this websiie.
COLLEGE  VISUALLY IMPAIRED  Visually Impaired College Students : Guide to Visual disabilities--how colleges help visually impaired students succeed.        
COLLEGE  VISUALLY IMPAIRED  Visually Impaired College Students  Helping students with visual impairments: reosurces, tools and technology to foster school success  

After Hours Programming helps teach the fundamentals of web development and not just programming. We help teach beginners and anyone interested in how to create amazing websites through programming and design tutorials. We have provided a great list of resources, support and tutorials to help anyone learn programming and the essential to creating an amazing website.

COMPUTERS LAPTOPS  /Provides an in-depth look at laptops and chromebooks.  Note: The Ohio Coalition does not endorse the purchase of any products featured on this website.  

EMPLOYMENT to finding a job for students with disability.. Claims to contain only verified and useful information

EMPLOYMENT "Zippie is a resource site for job seekers who want to empower their career asperations with knowledgeable data." 

EMPLOYMENT  career guides to help find jobs; 100+  jobs for people with disabilities  Disclaimer: OCECD does not endorse the products or services listed on this blog.

EMPLOYMENT OOD  OOD launched a new job portal called The site allows potential consumers to learn about OOD’s Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services and complete an online application. This provides a more streamlined process in their pursuit of employment. Individuals interested in VR services are encouraged to visit the portal where they can watch an orientation video about the employment process, take a brief self-assessment and apply online.
EMPLOYMENT  learn about navigating the path to employment as a person with a disability, and find how to evaluate an employer’s standards of accessibility, accommodation and acceptance in order to find the right career fit.
EMPLOYMENT by Joseph Flanagan. This is a disability career resource guide that covers a wide  variety of areas for the modern day including transitional programs, job seeking strategies, resources for employers, People-first Language and online community groups.’s Employment section offers a broad range of resources about finding a job. In addition, we have developed this guide to connect you with programs, services, government agencies and organizations that can help you find information about career planning and job training, employment laws and regulations and job accommodations and supports
EMPLOYMENT If you are a person with a disability and you’re looking for a job, you’ll find plenty of trustworthy resources to help you in your search. This page also has lots of credible information about public policy, employer compliance, and issues facing disabled individuals in the workforce. Find links to advocacy groups, government agencies, and informative articles. There are also plenty of helpful tools for families, employers, and caregivers.
EMPLOYMENT  Job Accommodation Network releases transition training module for youth called Bridging the Gap Across Transition;
EMPLOYMENT Guide for Job Seekers with a Disability- Rights and Accommodations Under the ADA
 Here’s how to respectfully hold meetings with or onboard a disabled colleague
ESTATE PLANNING/GUARDIANSHII  Planning for bright tomorrows--estate and future planning  for Ohioans
FIRE SCIENCE  comprehensive set of courses that focus on the various facets of fire safety engineering
GUARDIANSHIP  Guardianship in Ohio
READING COLLEGE STUDENTS Improving your reading comprehension skills in college.  Helps older students understand the reading demands in college and offers top strategies, tools, and advice to develop their comprehension and speed
RESUMES Career guide for people with disabilities Note: OCECD does not endorse any products or services advertized on this website.
RESUMES  "soley focused on helping job seekers master the art of crafting winning resumes and cover letters." Will also be of value for students transitioning from high school to a career or college.
Provides self-employment resources for people with disabilities who want to launch their own business. 
Ohio Department of Education and Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities Ohio Transition Support Partnership (OTSP) 
TRANSITION  AUTISM SPEAKS  Transition tool kit
TRANSITION OSERS Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services, US Dept of Education  Transtion guide--to postsecondary education and employment for students and youth with disabilities 
TRANSITION  DOWN SYNDROME  a brand new NDSS resource guide "Valued, Able & Ready to Work: Employing Individuals with Down Syndrome." The purpose of this guide is to educate employers on the importance of hiring individuals with Down syndrome by highlighting benefits, suggesting tips for success, identifying some challenges, sharing success stories and providing resources.
TRANSITION  New Requirements for Secondary Transition Services for Students with Disabilities: Governor John Kasich signed Senate Bill 316 on June 25, 2012, with an effective date of September 24, 2012, incorporating changes to the secondary transition requirements for students with disabilities. This document answers frequently asked questions about the changes.
TRANSITION PACER  The Learning Center informs parents and others about major components of transition to adulthood for youth with disabilities. Explore relevant articles and current resources that will help youth meet their goals for life after high school.
ODE information on  Secondary Transition Requirement for Students with Disabilities: Pursuant to Senate Bill 316, all individualized education programs (IEPs) that are written after September 24, 2012, are required to address specific requirements for transition services beginning no later than the first IEP to be in effect when a child is fourteen (14) years of age and updated annually thereafter. etc 
TRANSITION  National Center on Secondary Education and Transition: Discover topical information, e-news, publications, events and more. Information on more than 25 diverse topics in secondary education and transition including an overview, answers to commonly asked questions, research abstract, emerging practices, and more. NCSET's online newsletter is loaded with information and links to publications, events, funding opportunities, Web sites, and other useful national resources-all searchable and at your fingertips.
VOCATIONAL EDUCATION [ADULT]  Vocational training for adults with special needs
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