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2020 F. B. Walter Recipients

SST 2 Prospect Elementary

SST 13 Team Bacon

SST 8 Shannon Hoover

SST 13 Team Dar

SST 13 Team Stahl

SST 14 Josh Pohlman

SST 15 Huntington Elementary Intervention Team

SST 16 J. McKendree

SST 12 Amanda Ponsetti 

SST 10 Argy Diamanti

SST 3 Candice Lanse

SST 6 Carrie Knoch

SST 5 Kari DuPonty

SST 9 Samantha Houmard

SST 7 Galion City Preschool Team

SST 13 CNE MS Team

SST 11 Mt. Pleasant Behavior Support Team


2020 R. A. Horn Recipients

SST 2 Morgen Hall

SST 4 Abagail Springer

SST 5 Clifton Hickman

SST 8 Samuel Culbertson

SST 11 Hayden Rittinger

SST 13 Matthew Young

SST 14 Matthew Motley

SST 15 Nicholye Clark

SST 16 Simeon Swayne



2020 Margaret M Burley Recipient

Kim Adkins


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